Thank you, Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain pictured in Granada, Spain

For many of us, Anthony Bourdain wasn’t just a chef. He wasn’t just a guy with a TV show. He wasn’t just someone who liked to travel. He was a source of inspiration—an exemplary human being who taught us how to live fully, listen carefully, and appreciate completely.

In the wake of his death by suicide, many of us who lived vicariously through Bourdain are finding further motivation through his lasting quotes. Here are some of the ones that have given me hope in the last few days—may they uplift and inspire you to never stop dreaming, never stop traveling, and never stop listening. Continue reading


Loving and Leaving Morocco

“Inshallah!”…Wait, Does That Mean Never?

Just two weeks ago, I packed up all of my earthly possessions and moved lock, stock, and barrel halfway across the globe. Okay, no. I packed up two bags, two carry-ons, and sold or donated the rest. Airlines these days are not particularly on board with the whole “But I need more luggage, this is a FOREVER move!” concept.

When we talk about moving halfway across the globe, we always picture far off lands, exotic environments, and lots of adventure. Though this is true, in my case the adventure is coming home. I have spent the last few years living in Morocco, and now it was finally time to return to the exoticness that is Washington State.

Morocco—the very word breathes adventure and mystery. Desert landscapes, camel caravans, and towering mounds of spices. Each time I visit home, people have asked me if it is dangerous, if there is unrest all over the place, and “Is it in any way more liberal than Saudi Arabia?” (Practically anywhere is more liberal than Saudi Arabia.)

I have come to realize that there are a lot of misconceptions about this beautiful country, which is a pity given that it is such a wonderful place. Continue reading

My Favourite Eats in London

One of the first things I did after moving back to California from London was make a list of my favourite places to eat. I love a good meal, and many of my happiest vacation memories revolve around food. Without further ado, here are some of the places I enjoyed the most while living in London.

LA PORCHETTA—84/86 Rosebery Avenue

la porchetta
via La Porchetta

This small Italian chain came to my attention when the leaders of my programme at City University London took us out for dinner. There are a few different locations, but the one I frequented was the Clerkenwell branch. The prices are a tiny bit steep if you’re on a tight budget, but the portions are also pretty huge, so consider sharing an entree with someone. My favourite dish here is the spaghetti. That might seem rather boring, but they serve the most delicious tomato sauce I’ve ever had. It’s freshly made, with bright flavors that you cannot find in a jar.

BOMBAY BURRITO—357 Goswell Road

via Trip Advisor

This little spot is just down the street from the Angel station, and is terribly addicting. Although it might sound strange at first, hear me out! Bombay Burrito’s main dish is exactly what it sounds like: Indian food wrapped in a flour tortilla. You can also order a curry bowl or salad bowl if you don’t like tortillas. My regular order was a burrito with tikka masala curry and either tandoori chicken or shredded beef, topped with rice, chickpeas, grilled onions, lettuce, mango chutney, and garlic chili chutney. Continue reading