“The Forgotten Seamstress” by Liz Trenow


There is nothing I love better than realizing an author I already admire has written more than one book. Such was the case with Liz Trenow, author of The Last TelegramThe Forgotten Seamstress, her second novel, interweaves the stories of two women in England who are connected by a mysterious quilt.

The first character we meet is Maria, who is telling her life story to someone we cannot see. What the audience encounters is Maria’s memories via voice recordings and transcripts. Maria recounts her early years to a faceless young woman, explaining how she was raised in an orphanage before going to work at Buckingham Palace as an assistant seamstress. While there, she fell in love (and in bed) with the Prince Royal, whom she calls David. We know him as the historical figure of King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1936. Continue reading


Jack the Ripper Museum, London

1888 newspaper cutting

If you’re currently in London and looking for something Halloween-ish to pass the time, consider passing by the newly opened Jack the Ripper Museum in Whitechapel. Open every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, the controversial and interactive museum gives visitors the perspective of the victims, inviting you to solve the mysterious and chilling crimes.

Recently voted the World’s Creepiest Museum, it houses the largest collection of original Jack the Ripper artifacts in the world. Check out their promotional video below!


How to Write on the Go

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As an aspiring novelist and blogger, writing is more than a hobby—it is part of my everyday life. So when I travel, I face the inevitable decision. To laptop or not to laptop? Fortunately, there are solutions to writing on the go without a hefty computer weighing down your luggage. Continue reading

The Truth About Suffering from Fernweh

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Confession: I love to travel. It isn’t surprising. I was born from travel. It’s in my blood—if my father hadn’t left Spain for America in the 1970s, he wouldn’t have met my mother. If my mother hadn’t spent the previous year studying abroad, they wouldn’t have been able to communicate (her Spanish was far better than his English at the time). I find it difficult to understand people who don’t have the same urge to visit as many places as possible. I know that travel isn’t for everyone, but what is it about my life that makes it so necessary? Why is it that when I imagine a reality in which I couldn’t leave California, I tense up and get knots in my stomach? Continue reading

Bus Tour to Windsor, Stonehenge, Lacock, and Bath

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Bus tours are a relatively quick and easy way to sightsee in the United Kingdom. Perfect for day trips that utilize cities like London or Cardiff as home bases, a bus tour can get you from point A to point B more efficiently than if you rented a car and learned to drive on the left side of the road. Over the Christmas holidays, my friends and I took tours of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock, and Bath via Premium Tours.

Windsor Castle—Located just 20 miles  from central London, Windsor Castle is lovely. The town itself is a picturesque remnant of bygone days. Settled around the time of William the Conqueror, its old English name was Windles-ore (which roughly translates to “by the riverside”). Appropriate, since the town is just south of the Thames. The castle, which is the longest occupied palace in Europe, is also the town’s largest tourist attraction. Continue reading