Hello! or Hiya as they say here in my part of the UK and welcome to my quarter-life crisis. My name is Desiree and I’m originally from sunny California. I’ve traded that sunshine and desert sunsets for the cloudy skies and green fields of the UK. I first came to the UK in 2016 for a semester abroad during my senior year of college or university to my UK friends. I came back in 2018 to pursue a masters degree, fell in love with a British guy and here I am, navigating living in two different countries, working on long distance relationship ups and downs, and living through a global pandemic all during a quarter-life crisis. This blog is meant to help Americans coming to the UK for any reason be it traveling (when it’s safe to do so), moving or studying here. I can’t promise to turn you into a local over night, trust me I’ll always be an outsider to some in my little village. But, I can give you the information and tools I wish I had when I came here. Hopefully they make your time in my favourite place a bit more enjoyable.



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